A Little Taste of Paris

Growing up, I was lucky enough to have visited many parts of the world. Due to my father’s job, we even spent our early childhood years in the magical city of Paris. Every few years, we go back and visit but then have to come back to our current reality in Houston. While I love Houston, it definitely lacks a lot of the European charm that I miss. Recently, however, I discovered a little gem called Café Poêtes.

This Parisian-style café is located in the heart of midtown Montrose and is nothing less than elegant. While the physical space inside was a bit smaller than I had imagined, aesthetics and attention to detail inside made everything feel so grand. From the moment I walked in, I was already in love.

The place had a very clean and slightly vintage, white theme with bistro tables both indoors and outdoors in the patio area. There was plenty of light being let in by large, white-paned windows as well, which provided perfect lighting for photos. My favorite part, however, was this bookshelf that completely lined one of the walls. It even had an adorable wooden ladder that you could move side to side.

Outfit: Floral Dress

Food-wise, this place had the best eclairs I’ve had in Houston so far. Honestly, they still weren’t quite as good as the ones I’ve had in actual Parisian cafes, but they were definitely the closest and too pretty not to try. I also ordered some tea, but I have to admit – I usually dislike tea and just wanted to drink it so that i could get the tea set that came with it. Like, how cute is this?!

Cafe Poetes Tea Set

Much to my own surprise, however, I discovered that I actually don’t hate all teas. I ordered the Earl Grey, and as of that day, it became the first tea that I genuinely enjoyed the taste of.

Café Poêtes also offered other foods and hand-selected wine on top of bakery items. For example, my sister ordered some savory eclair with smoked salmon for lunch, and it was seriously delicious! The friendly service was also a nice bonus. This was my first visit Café Poêtes, but I’m more than certain that there will be many more. I definitely recommend the giving this quaint café a go for yourself, so let me know if you have gone or want to go later on!

Bisous à tous! ♡




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