Overalls & Rustic Coffeeshops


With the GRE date approaching (SOS!! the panic is real), I’ve been trying to find good study places in Houston just because I absolutely suck at focusing when I’m at home. Recently, I came across this new coffeeshop in Bellaire called Blkdog Coffee, and I can say that I was pretty impressed.


As soon as my sister and I entered, we noticed just how spacious and bright the entire place was. We sat down at a long table in the center over which a crystal chandelier hung. My sister decided to order straight away, but I wanted to look around a bit and get some snapshots in before getting anything.

Off to my right, I noticed the most adorable little setup with a basket, books, jars, and so on. It just added a great touch near the entry and made the place feel very rustic. One thing’s for sure: it was definitely planting some home inspo thoughts in my head.

Rustic Decoration

Speaking of home inspo, the real focus at Blkdog was the simple yet cozy-looking bookshelf they had to the left. Since I’ve been working as a marketing intern for a fertilizer company, I’ve developed a budding obsession with indoor plants, and this bookshelf had quite a few as decorative pieces.


The whole wall really gave the coffee shop a welcoming, living room-like vibe and made it feel extremely relaxing. There was some chill music in the background and plenty of other people studying as well. The only downside, I’d say, is that aside from the long table, the other tables were a bit too small to work at. Despite the place being brand new, it seemed to already be doing so well and had people coming in and out all day.

Food/drink-wise, neither of use got any coffee this time around. Instead, my sister ordered a brownie sundae affogato while I ordered a tiramisu one. First of all, someone please tell me how to properly pronounce “affogato” without it sounding like “avocado.” 😂 Secondly, if you don’t know, they’re basically a combination of an espresso shot poured over some flavor of ice cream/gelato.


Now, I’ve had a few of these before, but this one was definitely the best one I’ve had in Houston thus far. It was rich but not overly sweet (I tend to like how a lot of Asian desserts are less sugary) and just the right amount of creamy. The brownie one was especially delicious!

On top of the taste, the service was really fast and very kind. So far, I’ve had a great impression of this place and hope to try some more of its food items and coffees next time. For now, it’s definitely been added to my list of potential favorite places in the city!

Outfit: Top (Zara)|Overalls (Levis)|Eyeglasses

Bisous à tous! ♡


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