BTS Makes a Powerful Comeback with ‘Love Yourself: Answer’

BTS Love Yourself Concept Photos

Only a few months after the release of Love Yourself: Tear, BTS has already come out with a new, repackaged album, Love Yourself: Answer. My thoughts? Bless these 7 hardworking, incredibly talented, and incredibly good-looking men for an album that did NOT disappoint!

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I was not a huge fan of Love Yourself: Her. Up until that point, I had loved every single one of their albums and title tracks, but when “DNA” came out, I was a little bit disappointed. I know for a fact that they worked super hard on it, and musically, it’s not a bad song at all – it probably just didn’t suit my personal taste.

I liked the next album more (and really like “Fake Love”), but still; I was left wanting just a tad more. That’s why, when I heard this latest album, I felt almost a sense of relief. Maybe it’s just me, but the tracks in Love Yourself: Answer give me similar vibes to The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. 2, which was and still is my all-time favorite BTS album. I felt like the songs just suited them way more and really brought out each individual member’s strengths.

Love Yourself: Answer

For example, Jungkook’s solo track, “Euphoria,” is one of my favorite songs (if not my favorite) in the entire album. The instrumentals are so beautiful and perfectly accompanied by Jungkook’s silky smooth vocals. In fact, just listening to his voice gives listeners a sense of the euphoria that he sings about!

I also give props to our wonderful rappers for giving us three very different but equally impressive tracks. You can really see their individual styles shine through the song they each put out, and wow – they were great from the start, but they really have grown and outdone themselves with each comeback! The rapline has always held BTS together and never fails to make us proud with their musicality and work ethic.

BTS Love Yourself Concept Photos

Jin’s “Epiphany” also had me very pleased from the moment I heard it as a teaser. His vocals have seriously improved along with his confidence and stage presence. The song really captures the message that’s consistently spread throughout the album: to love yourself. I loved the melody and think that it’s a great ballad piece for whenever you need a little emotional boost.

Taehyung and Jimin’s songs from the previous album were also included in this one, and what more can I say? I’ve already loved “Singularity” and find it to be the perfect kind of song for Tae’s soulful voice. We also got the full version of “Serendipity,” a song that really calms you down and drowns you in the music.

As for the title track, “Idol,” I was shook from the moment it began! The hook is seriously catchy, and honestly, I think these “anthemic” tunes really suit BTS best as a group. They just seem the most themselves and the most fun when they’re performing to these more powerful tracks. The music video was colorful and crazy but an interesting change from their usual MVs. Unsurprisingly, the choreography looked amazing and difficult (as well as tiring), so I cannot wait to see the live performances.

I don’t want to ramble on for too long since there are tons of reviews out there, but as a loyal ARMY, I just had to put in my two-cents on BTS’ most recent comeback. While I genuinely like most of BTS’ albums/songs, it had been a while since I’ve felt extra satisfied, especially with the newer albums.

Regardless of my opinions, BTS is undoubtedly a group that I will wholeheartedly love and support. Why? Because as far as I and other fans can tell, they work their absolute hardest to bring fans around the world joy and quality music while maintaining the humility and sincerity that not many artists possess nowadays.

Bisous à tous! ♡

By the way, is anyone attending/ has anyone attended the world tour this year? Let me know, cause I’m going to the one in Fort Worth on September 15th (and I have been counting down since the tickets were even bought)!!


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