BTS ‘Love Yourself’ in Fort Worth: The Best Day of My Life Pt.2

BTS Tour in Fort Worth


Disclaimer: This is going to be a long ass post because it’s nearly impossible to condense all of my thoughts into a short one. 😅

Back in 2015 (as described in a previous blog post of mine), I saw BTS during their Highlight Tour, and on Saturday, September 15, I finally saw them again for the second time at their Love Yourself tour stop in Fort Worth. How was it? CRAZY.

The Travel:

Well, my sister and I were going to go together but went to separate colleges. Originally, we were just going to wing it and figure things out as the date got closer, but my parents (my father is always super worried when it comes to us) ended up booking a hotel and driving us there. And as annoying as parents are, bless them because they drove from Houston, to College Station, to Austin, and then to Dallas. Basically, they began driving from noon all the way until our arrival around 9 pm…now THAT’S parental love!

The Wristbands:

The morning of the concert, I woke up a little before 5 am (I was planning to get up around 6 am) since I legit couldn’t go back to sleep out of excitement. I was also checking Twitter to see how long the unofficial line had gotten and began to get super nervous when I heard that there were already a couple hundred. Here’s the thing – I realize that camping is a thing at concerts and whether or not I’m a fan of that is a different issue. However, I don’t understand why the Fort Worth Convention Center made themselves seem so strict about camping before changing their wording from “not allowed” to “discouraged.” On top of that, they made such a huge deal about police enforcement when, in reality, they didn’t stop a thing.


We got in the GA line around 7 am, and by that time, I’m pretty sure that there were already at least 500+ people in line. 8 am was when the official line was supposed to start, but to be frank, the organization was a complete and utter mess. For the longest time, nobody knew which line would be honored – the looooonng one with all the campers + people who just arrived or a new one with people who wanted to cut?! On top of that, security was completely lost most of their time (not their fault since they just follow orders). Eventually, the unofficial line was honored, but some people who showed up later ended up with lower numbers than those who stayed for hours on end, and yeah – everyone was very on edge. My sister and I ended up as #968 and #969.

The soundcheck wrist bands were separate, but this process was also unorganized. They barely gave us any information on where or when to line up until last minute, but thankfully, I got #50. Which brings me to my next point.

Although there were a lot of aggressive ARMYs, every single one that I interacted with was friendly and helpful. Without one another out, I don’t think any of us who met that day would’ve had as good an experience. For example, since the GA line was still going on at the same time as soundcheck, I couldn’t be in two places at once. ARMYs in both lines, however, kept me updated and held my spot so that I could get my soundcheck band just in time to grab my GA one. So a BIG thank you to those  who helped!

The Soundcheck:

After a bit of a break with my family, my sister and I headed back to the venue around 3 in the afternoon to figure out the situation (still chaotic) and for me to start lining up for soundcheck. Us soundcheck people didn’t get to enter the center until past 4, but when we were inside, everything suddenly began to feel so real.

BTS Soundcheck Wristbands
In line for soundcheck with some nice ARMYs I met

Now, I was at barricade, at the front of the extended stage, so when BTS came out for the first time all day, I felt a whole new level of #shook. First of all, THEY ALL LOOKED SO GOOD even in such a relaxed setting, without all the styling!!! Yoongi, Jimin, and Hoseok had their faces partially covered with hats or sunglasses, but they still had that “important people” aura. Taehyung was half asleep for the first song and a half, and looked adorable when he came on stage half asleep and rubbing his eyes. Seokjin looked legit the same without makeup and Jungkook and RM looked like friendly, handsome Asian dudes.

For the soundcheck, they semi-casually performed “Run,” “Mic Drop,” and “Anpanman,” so I’d say that the whole thing lasted about 30 minutes. Also, Jimin took out his phone at some point and took a selfie/video with some of us in the background while walking across the runway. And, I’m pretty sure (or really want to believe – don’t we all?) that Jungkook looked and smiled/sang at me a few times from the stage. Honestly, his stage presence is something else but I’ll explain that more in an upcoming section.

The Waiting:

After soundcheck, there was even more lining up, but this time, for everyone to enter for the actual concert. As if people weren’t already pissed all day, the rain started to pour, which made fans go into more of a frenzic mode. I understand the frustration myself, but the fact that so many young fans were being so rude to the staff disgusted me. Like, it’s not really their fault you know? More so the organizers’ faults for not preparing enough for such a famous group. To make sure people were going in according to wristband numbers, everyone was let in in groups of 25-50 at a time. That sounds great and all, except that there were about 1500 GA ticket-holders, so the whole process was ridiculous and just took wayyyyy too long. Once my sister and I got in, we were actually surprised to be as close as we were.

The way I see it, yes, your wristband plays a role on how good of a spot you get. However, luck and strategy also come into play. My advice to others attending the other stops or a future concert would be to look for any empty spots rather than go straight for the front. Even though we were in the 900s, my sister and I started the concert off in the third row from barricade, at the back-left side of the extended stage. On top of that, it was closer to the front corner than it was to the back so we got a pretty good side view of all the members when they came to the extended stage. By the end of it, we were actually at the barricade, so yeah – we ended up hella CLOSE.

The Concert: 

Speaking of the view, let me try to somehow express all of the thoughts I had throughout the concert. Even right before it began, ARMYs were already singing together to the VCR they played and doing fanchants. When BTS began the show, however, the convention center was full with a whole other level of noise and energy.

The members opened the show with “Idol,” and it was lit to say at the least. To hear and watch all of the songs you love performed live feels so different and makes everything feel so much more real in that very moment. One big issue we had, however, was our inability to see a lot of the main stage performances. While we had an amazing view of the extended stage performances (pretty much in second/first row), we couldn’t see the main stage well because of our positioning. Instead, we were stuck seeing heads and phones. Sure, we could watch the screen, but doing that just made me feel so disconnected. To be real, it was unfortunate that I couldn’t get a decent view of some of my favorite performances such as “Save Me,” “Euphoria,” and “Fake Love” – hell, I couldn’t even see Jungkook’s abs in HD 😭. Regardless, we tried to enjoy each and every song as much as possible and sang (or shall I say screamed) at the top of our lungs.

BTS in Fort Worth
Look at all those rainbow ARMY bombs!

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we could pretty much see every little detail whenever they came onto the extended stage. Most of the fan interaction also took place on this stage, so in that sense, staying in that spot was totally worth it. Jimin and Jungkook especially spent a lot of their time on our side of the stage so you bet I stared intensely and tried to take in every inch of their perfection. Taehyung and Seokjin also spent a lot of time on our side, and yeah…the combination of these two visuals is something else haha! Hoseok and RM also came over every once in a while, and I believe Yoongi spent the least time on our side of the stage. On the extended stage, we got to see the members “wing it” more and perform songs such as “Fire,” “Baepsae,” “Run,” “I Need U,” “DNA,” and “Mic Drop.” I swear, every time I hear “I Need U,” I just become an emotional mess and recall all of the memories from that era – it was such a turning point for BTS, and I’ll probably never get over it. Also, “Mic Drop,” was way too epic. The whole place just felt so powerful with all of the cool backup dancers joining at the end!


Fast-forward and we’re at the end of the concert with the encore songs, “So What,” “Anpanman,” and “Love Yourself: Answer.” From the moment they started to sing the very last song, my sister and I were both blubbery, sobbing messes. I mean, I didn’t just sniffle here and there – I was UGLY CRYING (and of course, I have video evidence of it haha)! The scene of the whole place, in general, was so beautiful: thousands of ARMYs singing, crying, and waving ARMY bombs as BTS says their farewells for the first night. For 2.5 hours straight, BTS executed everything with so much precision, stamina, and energy, and gave us all the time of our lives. When the concert truly came to an end, I think we all felt as though we were transported back to reality after the best dream ever.

The Members:

Surprisingly, my opinions about each member didn’t stray much from the opinions I formed about them back in 2015, so maybe, just maybe, it means that I’m getting a decent sense of each person’s personality (?).

NAMJOON/RM really does seem kind in person. He just has such a gentle vibe about him, and you can really tell that he carries a lot of the team. He was slightly tan with light brown hair and great proportions, and was one of the tallest out of the group. Also, I loved he was actually a really good dancer, at least to a non-dancer like myself, and was pretty hype throughout most of the concert. And yeah – just the way he talks is so relaxing and calming. He really has a way with words and just seems like such a nice, personable guy to get to know. Character-wise, he seemed like one of the most genuine and always has to me.

Namjoon BTS Concert

SEOKJIN/JIN came off kind of cold, which is kind of how I perceived him in 2015 as well – but not necessarily in a bad way. I guess he just comes off as one of the more intimidating and reserved ones despite the comfort and goofiness he shows on camera and with people he’s comfortable with (such as the members). Still, he did seem to enjoy himself throughout the concert and even made this goofy face at one point…

Kim Seokjin Meme Face
Photo isn’t mine, but I’m not sure who the original owner is

Vocally, he was a bit more nasal-y in person and was super stable, even more so than I thought he’d be. One thing’s for sure – this man is drop dead GORGEOUS. I may get hate for this, but Jin’s not physically my type. But…wow was I wrong. In real-life, and especially at this concert, he was the one who struck me the most, visually. Like I could not get over how beautiful he looked with a small face, big eyes, pouty lips, PERFECT SKIN, and black hair! Not to mention how freaking tall he looks! So yeah – Seokjin truly is a king. Oh, and I finally got to see one of his flying kisses right in front of me!

YOONGI/SUGA was also pretty similar to my previous opinion of him. He just seemed chill and always did his own thing. He wasn’t as intimidating as I remembered him, but he definitely had a very responsible aura. The more I looked at him in person, the more I realized how small and cute he was in comparison to the other members. Despite his petite-ness, Yoongi still comes off as very manly and knows what he’s doing as a performer. He went all-out, particularly for “Outro:Tear,” and I was LIVING for it. Oh, and I finally got sprayed with his holy water so BLESS!

Suga at BTS Concert

HOSEOK/J-HOPE truly is a ray of sunshine. I swear, he gets more and more beautiful each time I lay my eyes on him, and, I still stick by the thought that cameras DO NOT do him ANY justice. What I mean is that usually, I don’t find him to be super physically attractive, but at the concert, he was one of the most physically attractive members to me (my taste, of course). And yes, his smile is BLINDING – like one smile your way, and he could have you thinking about it for days in a row.

Another thing that I really appreciated about him is just how much energy he exudes on stage. He was the members with one of the best stage presences and really seemed like he was having a ton of fun on stage. Also, he has one of the best/toned bodies in the group as well and really shone as the main dancer of the group – the man got SERIOUS MOVES.


JIMIN is definitely an angel sent from above. Everything about him exudes charm and  charisma, from the way in which he walks to the way he dances. In my opinion, there is always something so special about the way in which he dances – there’s just the perfect balance of grace, and sexiness. Stage presence was beyond A+++, and not to mention that he has the most soothing speaking voice out of everyone (maybe he should give ASMR a go?? lol). As a singer, I feel as though he struggles a bit more (just an opinion of mine), but hell, I would be too if I was jumping and swinging around the whole time.

Also, back at the Highlight Tour stop in Houston, I mentioned that Jimin looks way better in person, and I still stand by that. He is such a pretty human being, but oddly enough, has way more of a “manly” feel in person. What I mean by that is that on camera and in shows, he’s seen as this cute, “mochi-like” person. I guess he still is, except that up close, he gives off way more of this insanely powerful aura – and I 200% dig it!

Park Jimin BTS

TAEHYUNG/V, if you know me, has been my bias since the start. Obviously, I love each and every member equally, but Tae has just always had that tiny, extra part of my heart. So, not to be dramatic, but seeing him right in front of me was otherworldly. Physically, Taehyung no less than stunning – wait, no…MESMERIZING. With blonde hair, a perfect nose, and just perfect everything (not even exaggerating here), Taehyung legit looked like a prince from some sort of anime or fantasy movie. He’s a bit more tan and appears slightly taller in person as well. Performance-wise, he always has my favorite facial expressions and is just too breathtaking to be an ordinary human being.

During “Singularity,” I could only see on the big screen, but oh my gosh, it was so visually pleasing to watch. His stage presence was also pretty good. He’s definitely a lot calmer than people usually expect, and maybe that’s just maturity taking place – but it didn’t mean that he wasn’t fun. He smiled a lot at ARMYs and really looked around at those farther in the back. I don’t know – I’ve just always thought that there is something different and deep about him, and while I’m not sure what it is, it’s definitely drawn me to him throughout the years.

Kim Taehyung Fort Worth

JUNGKOOK, along with Jimin was definitely the sweetest/cutest in terms of interactions with the fans and were also my favorites to watch at this concert. The two of them just look like they have a blast all the time, and it sure helped that they spent most of their time on the extended stage near our section. And yeah, you bet I got all those closeups of the beloved “golden maknae”. He was just a joy the whole time, always smiling, always jumping around, and giving each and every performance his 200%. His dancing was also so precise and very powerful.

Not to mention that his vocals are SO FREAKING STABLE. Like, it’s ridiculous how close he sounds to his recorded voice despite all of the crazy movements – like, that’s STRAIGHT UP TALENT. Oh, and though I couldn’t see “Euphoria” too well, just being able to witness it live made me so happy because that is my favorite track on the most recent album! Visually, to put it very simply, he was/is HOTTTTT 🔥🔥. He had super soft-looking brown hair and a slightly boyish face that’d make you take a triple look at as you see him pass by. Height is also a forte of his so yeah, Jungkook really has it all!

Jungkook BTS Concert

Final Thoughts: 

I repeat – THE MEMBERS OF BTS CAN’T BE REAL! Their stage presence was on a whole new level and the talent they showed, although we all expected it, was through the roof. You could tell that they practice constantly to deliver the best and most enjoyable performances for their fans. Also, their English was adorable! Seriously – how can you not fall for such incredibly hard-working and not to mention, incredibly good-looking men?!

BTS in Fort Worth

To sum things up, I already miss them so so much. Post-concert depression has been hitting me so hard, especially since I waited three years to see them again. Seeing the very people you love and admire right in front of your very eyes (literally) is such a surreal and dream-like feeling that I cannot convey 100% with words. Now that the dream is over, I’ll be a bit sad for a bit, no doubt, but I’m glad I was lucky enough to get tickets and see them in Fort Worth. Not to be sappy, but BTS seriously inspires me and makes me smile even at my lowest points, so… until we meet again.

I purple you. 💜



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