How to Do a Roommate/Slumber Party Photo Shoot

Have you ever seen those artsy roommate photos while browsing through Pinterest? If you have, then you know exactly what they look like. Over the past 3-4 years, my roommates have become my very best friends, and not too long ago, we decided to try doing one of those Pinterest-y photoshoots as part of Nikkie’s (one of my roomies/bffs) 21st birthday celebrations.

So what do you need? Not much, really.

Roommate Slumber Party

The first thing is totally easy to get, and that’s a somewhat aesthetic and decorated room/bedroom. In this case, we used Nikkie’s (@nikkkkkie) since she had an all-white comforter set and an adorable wall tapestry she bought as a total steal from Dollar Tree (I think).


Aside from her room and some good ol’ natural lighting, we bought a bottle-shaped confetti popper and used accessories we already had, such as sunglasses, a hairbrush, mugs, and pjs of our choice. The most important thing is to actually enjoy your time and be goofy in order to showcase your true selves through the pictures taken.

College Roommate Bedroom Photoshoot

Lastly, you don’t even need a separate photographer. You can, instead, all alternate on who takes the picture and who’s in the picture. If there’s only two of you or you want a photo of all of you together, get a tripod or set the camera on a flat surface and angle it how you went before setting on a timer.

Like I said, this kind of shoot is super doable and not to mention a blast. I personally had way too much fun throwing confetti everywhere with my favorite girls (to the point where I didn’t even mind cleaning it together afterwards). So, would you give this a go? Let me know!

Bisous à tous! ♡



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