About Me


Hello there!

I’m Shunelett Myintthu, a 21-year-old just attempting to life.

I was born in Myanmar but left the country when I was less than a year old. Ever since, I’ve lived in a few different countries and have traveled to all kinds of different places along with my family.

I’m currently a senior Communication student at Texas A&M with a minor in Business Administration. Outside of my studies, I love to sing, play the piano, binge watch YouTube/occasional Netflix, and indulge in way too much food (especially Nutella). Anyone who knows me also knows that I’m a highly dedicated BTS ARMY…seriously – how am I supposed to find a man as perfect as Kim Taehyung?!

Of course, I really like to write as well, which is why I decided to begin my online blogging journey. That’s why, if you do decide to check out some of my posts, I hope you enjoy reading them just as much as I enjoyed writing them!

Bisous à tous! ♡